Coffee Run and Coffee Run Free

It’s your turn to get the coffee and donuts. How do you keep track of who wants what? Some scrap paper? Back of your hand? Piece of drywall or two by four? Anything at hand that you can write on? Washing that ink off is a pain. Now you can use your iOS device and CoffeeRun.

Coffee Run and Coffee Run Free  are simple apps that let you easily create a list for your coffee run. Add Coffee, Tea, Donuts, Drinks etc. with just a few taps. You can even email the list.

Coffee Run features include:

  • Add food items to your list with only a few taps.
  • Choose from the menus or type in your own item or ingredients.
  • Add items you’ve already added again easily from the recent items list.
  • Save items as favorites.
  • E-mail the order list.
  • Save different order lists.
  • Load a saved list and replace the current list.
  • Load a saved list adding the items to the current list.

Coffee Run Free  lets you have all that for free with add support.